We are Jigsaw Projects

Operating across London since 2012, we have established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality building and property fit-out projects on time and within budget. Whether you are an industry professional or an end-user, you won’t make a better choice than appointing us to carry out your project. We are highly experienced construction industry professionals with a creative twist and superb eye for detail. We are small enough to offer all our clients a personalised, director lead service whilst possessing the capability and resources to deliver large scale, high profile projects. Whatever the size or scope of your project, we are waiting to hear from you.

"Fujifilm recently launched the world's first "Fujifilm House of Photography" in London's Covent Garden, so finding a contractor that would immerse themselves in our vision was extremely important. From our first meeting Jigsaw Projects were totally invested into our plan. Their attention to detail, their quality of work, their diligence in delivering our project was impeccable. Fujifilm is relatively inexperienced in creating retail environments on this scale, so we placed a lot of our trust with Jigsaw Projects to bring our vision to life. Managing the end to end process was professional, detailed and very efficient. It's been a pleasure working with Jigsaw Projects and I look forward to working on future projects with them. I would highly recommend Jigsaw Projects to any business.”

Theo Georghiades, GM - Electronic Imaging UK, Fujifilm

Why Jigsaw Projects

As experienced construction industry professionals, we are able to offer a level and breadth of service that we believe is a cut above the competition. When you talk to us about your project, you are talking to the person or team member’s who will be taking responsibility for directing and delivering your project on the ground on a daily basis. That direct line of communication makes us faster, more cost-efficient and best aligns us with your vision. We are problem solvers that never lose sight of the ultimate goal which is to deliver the best for our clients, on time and within budget.

Our Team

We are construction industry professionals with a history rooted in the high-end residential market. Our background and history has proved to be an invaluable asset that we are able to share with our clients in the commercial sector and has underpinned our success and rapid growth. Our in-house team of skilled and experienced tradesmen share our commitment to and pride in delivering the highest standards. Together with our long-standing supply chain of specialist contractors, we are able to meet any challenge.


Quick turn around, preparing your space to a ‘white box’, blank canvass, ready for tenants’ remodelling or finishes.

CAT A & CAT A+ - Landlords Fit-Out

We are able to provide a comprehensive CAT A fit-out encompassing strip-out, structural alterations, full M&E review, design and installation through to flooring and decorative finishing.


We are happy to work with your own architect’s or designer’s plans or to help you to develop your own ideas from the concept stage. Whether you are planning a conventional project or are looking for something innovative, we can match you with the right professional for your job.


Equal weight is placed on and maximum commitment is given to all the projects we take on. Unlike many of our competitor’s, we are not forced to have to favour the large scale, high-value projects to meet high overheads.


Each of our projects is lead on-site at director level and supported via an effective management structure. We are just as happy working with industry professionals such as architects and designers as we are to work with end-users for whom this may be their first project. Whichever the case, you will be in safe hands.


It’s all about the planning and the people you have around you. It starts with a lean and effective management structure. It is put into action by dedicated, skilled in-house trades and specialist subcontractor’s. It is delivered by people that take pride in their work and are prepared to go the extra mile to achieve the common goal.


As part of the construction industry, we know full well that sustainable building practices and materials are very much a priority for our clients. We are very familiar with working with natural, non toxic products and materials that have been designed to help create the healthiest possible environment.


We’re constantly mindful of our responsibility to the environment. Where possible, we use sustainable materials, renewable technologies and support energy-efficient construction.